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Terraforma’s Soil Health Analysis combines next-generation sequencing with direct microscopy to create an encompassing visualization of the balance and functionality of your soil microbiome.


microbial solutions made easy

The TerraPod is our solution to reinvigorating soil ecology. It is a bioreactor system installed on-site and inoculated with native microbes adapted to your field conditions and bioregion. Having the equipment on the farm prevents our living microbial solutions from being put into dormancy, leading to a unique, highly diverse, and effective product for our clients.


going above and beyond

Building soil health is more than injecting microbes into the soil. Implementing Regenerative Management Practices (RMPs) can help to expedite the restoration of your soil and to build resilience for years into the future. Terraforma has the experience and expertise to select and guide you through which management practices will be the best fit for your operation and which existing practices are causing harm to the soil ecology.

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