Cooper Scarbrough

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Cooper Scarbrough, COO and Co-Founder of Terraforma, brings engineering-based problem solving to Agriculture. He develops Terraforma’s project design and protocols for implementation and works closely with Terraforma’s CSO to refine processes and algorithms to perfection.

For the last 5 years, Scarbrough has been improving farm productivity through the implementation of biological systems and continues to push the technology towards more precision and automation.

Miles Sorel

Founder & Chief Science Officer

Miles Sorel, CSO and Co-Founder of Terraforma, spearheads Terraforma’s research and development activities.

Collaborating closely with thought-leaders and leading laboratories, Sorel is working to unveil the curtain behind soil’s biological functionality. He is frequently traveling across the globe, refining data from all different growing environments to advance Terraforma’s technology.

Wayne Davis, PhD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Davis, CEO, brings extensive experience in global executive management to Terraforma. His previous executive leadership in diverse company types, including VC-backed startups, guides Terraforma’s growth model.

Davis has substantial experience in the design, development and implementation of strategic partnerships which aids Terraforma’s international development. He also has substantial experience in research protocol design, including data acquisition and statistical analysis.

Edward DeCrescenzo

Electronics Specialist

Edward DeCrescenzo (Eddie) - a Biotechnical Engineer, Mathematician, and Electronics Aficionado - leads the design of the sensor and communication systems which operate Terraforma’s Bioreactor, the TerraPod. 

Eddie approaches novel challenges with inventive solutions, making him well aligned with Terraforma’s innovative spirit. Driven by the TerraPod's international demand, Eddie has engineered remote monitoring and operating capabilities into the TerraPod, allowing Terraforma’s science team to view and control the Terrapod across the globe. This border-breaking development allows Terraforma to deliver quality microbial solutions anywhere in the world.