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  • 57% reduced root feeding nematodes
  • $1,000 fertiliser savings/ha (2018-2019)
  • $228 net financial profitability per hectare

The client is a fully organic farm, using a mixture of high volume costly organic fertilizers and manure-based compost. An existing compost facility was mixing waste from their processing plant with local manures to create an anaerobic mixture.

The main disease pressures on the farm were from Sigatoka, Red Rust Thrips, Root feeding nematodes, and Bore Weevils.

Terraforma altered the compost production to an aerobic high-quality amendment and created biological solutions that were applied to the farm. Fertilizer usage was reduced and/ or replaced with a cheaper composted product. Root feeding nematode populations decreased, tip-overs were reduced, and total rejected bananas came down.

The biological solutions, trialed over 1 year (2018-2019), are now applied over the entire farm.

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