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Terraforma International was founded in 2018 by Miles Sorel and Cooper Scarbrough. Their shared passion for regenerative innovation drove them to create a company focused on transforming agriculture through practices that benefit people and the planet. Our focus on ethical business and improving the health of the planet and people motivate our operating principles and company values.



Stay true to our values and morals while acknowledging our limitations.


Generate value through our understanding of environmental and social problems.


Solve complex problems through novel processes.


Cultivate and steward the health of our ecosystems and farming systems.


Miles Sorel

CEO and founder, USA

Miles is driven by his commitment to build an institution that can create meaningful change in the world. Integrity and his concept of “ethical capitalism” are core to his personal and professional life.

cooper scarborough

coo and founder, usa

Cooper is naturally attracted to challenges, which has brought him to the forefront of a dysfunctional agricultural system. The solution lies in scalability, which is where Cooper dedicates his energy. His vision and work ethic are integral to our company culture, and he challenges our team to dream bigger.

lorenzo arce, usa

project manager, usa

Lorenzo’s passion for food and farming was cultivated while working with small farms across the United States. His hands-on experience has fueled a drive to learn how to help growers create reliable positive changes in their farming systems.

daniel alcivar mera

project manager, ecuador

Daniel has a deep understanding of our practices and processes and is always looking for opportunities to add value to our deliverables. His functional knowledge of Latin American cultural norms helps us connect more deeply with many of our international clientele.

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