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Common practices in agriculture treat soil as a depletable resource. We are breaking that paradigm by building soil year after year, creating an agricultural system that increases value over time. With Terraforma, farmers achieve a soil that they will pass down to future generations.

minimize environmental impact

Loss of Topsoil:
Every year millions of acres of topsoil are lost via soil degradation and erosion. Our technology enhances soil’s structure, infiltration, and water retention, keeping topsoil in place.

Reduced Chemical Leaching:
Our solutions increase the biological production of nutrients within soil, allowing for a significant reduction in fertilizer and other chemical inputs. As inputs are reduced there is an increased absorption rate, ultimately leading to drastically reduced chemical leaching into our streams, rivers, and oceans.

Increasing Biodiversity:
Terraforma increases biodiversity in the soil AND above ground. By increasing soil biodiversity, the farmer experiences the knock-on benefit of reduced pathogen pressures, allowing for reduced/eliminated pesticide usage.

Pesticides often affect more than the target pest, killing most higher-level organisms. Without these beneficial insects present in the larger ecosystem there is an increased risk for recurring pest pressure.

Additionally, farms with more biodiversity lead to soils with a higher microbial diversity. This creates positive impacts on human gut-biomes and our overall health.

our efforts against climate change

Terraforma’s technology implemented with collaborative sustainable management practices achieves a positive carbon gain of up to 10 MT/Hectare (4t/acre). With our projected growth rate, we anticipate we will sequester 1,000,000 MT by 2030. (100,000 Ha * 10 MT/Ha).

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