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comprehensive sustainable management practices

A project begins with a site assessment in which our goal is to understand your current practices, largest problems, and objectives in the short and long term. With this understanding we can develop a project plan together that achieves your goals.

Improving soil health and its biological productivity, happens most rapidly when the correct biological inputs are implemented alongside beneficial practices. We know which practices will be most effective at your farm and will accelerate your path to profitability.

precision composting with TerraGrow

Depending on project requirements and material availability, we can guide you to create a biologically active compost on site.

With our programs, sensors, and experience, creating a high-quality compost is easy and very beneficial to production.

custom microbial cultivation with TerraPod

The TerraPod (patent pending) is a regionally specific bioreactor designed to match your soil type, crop, and environment. Driven by our soil analytics, we cultivate the organisms that super charge your soil by pin pointing the organisms that add the most value.

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