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No two projects are the same. A full project assessment, consisting of a Comprehensive Site Visit and Soil Analytics, is essential when building a project plan.

  • Comprehensive Site Visit: A Terraforma expert will visit your operation to assess all aspects of a project landscape to understand the farmer’s greatest challenges and objectives, current practices, and available infrastructure and equipment.
  • Soil Analytics: During the site visit, Terraforma will perform Soil Analytics to acquire a full picture of the soil’s biological, chemical, and physical profile.


Our project plans are centered around improving your soil’s biological functionality. To do this requires the implementation of Sustainable Management Practices alongside Customized Biological Solutions which target deficiencies. Together, these two methods will enhance and maintain your soil quality.

  • Customized Biological Solutions: Driven by our analytics, Terraforma will provide Customized Biological Solutions in the form of Soil Inoculants, or Foliar Sprays, which are targeted for your crop, climate, and plant and soil deficiencies.
  • Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs): Many known practices are beneficial to soil health and result in increasing soil’s biological functionality. Based on soil analytics, infrastructure/equipment availability, and your objectives, Terraforma will recommend which SMPs are Best for your soils and will help you integrate these new practices into your operation.


  • Responsive monitoring of Plant Nutritional Deficiencies: Terraforma utilizes state of the art techniques for determining plant nutritional deficiencies during the growing season. Our customized solutions are then dynamically augmented to remediate these critical nutrients based on the natural life stages of the plant.
  • Pest Pressures and other plant stressors: Terraforma collaborates with the farmer to solve pest and disease pressures as well as other unexpected difficulties that arise on a project.

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