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by improving soil health, we reduce the use of costly inputs

A healthy soil is composed of a functioning microbial ecosystem that more efficiently uses nutrients, builds soil structure, and combats pathogen pressure. The benefit of building a healthier soil is thus directly linked to reductions in fertilizer applications, water usage, and agrochemicals.

Additionally, healthier soil does not just function as a carbon sink, but it is more tolerant to climate variations, an issue that is becoming more prevalent each day.

our enhanced nutrient pathways lead to increased yields

Our customized biological solutions reintroduce site specific microorganisms responsible for Macro- and Micro-nutrient mineralization.

These microorganisms access nutrients and minerals that would otherwise be inaccessible to the plant, releasing them directly into the root zone as the plant needs them.

The steadily available stream of nutrient production allows the crop to grow with vigor and yield its greatest potential.

Increased Soil Diversity reduces Pathogen Pressure

Pathogens and Diseases typically arise when there is a combination of nutrient deficiencies within the plant and a lack of natural predators that regulate pathogen/disease populations. Our projects increase diversity resulting in a higher presence of organisms responsible for natural pathogen suppression. This reduces the cost of managing pathogens with chemical inputs, reduces crop losses due to pathogen pressure, and strengthens the plants natural immune system.

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